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Hammock chairs
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Add lightness and comfort to your living space with one of these amazing hammock chairs, and it will become the signature of your living room or garden.


The Hammock Chair is one of the newest and best innovations in the world of hammocks. While the full size hammock has been with us for thousands of years, the hammock chair has only been around for approximately 35 years. No-one knows exactly who invented the hammock chair, but it originates in the countryside of Nicaragua.

We offer a comfortable hammock chair, 100% handmade. Hammock chair capacity 100-120 kg, which can be increased according to each customer's individual needs. The hammock chair has an extra leg extension, which allows you to rest in a supine position. We produce appropriate colors, large, soft pillows, and decorative pillows, which complement the product visually and functionally. The pillows have an adhesive tape closure. The hammock chair is mounted on a 1.1m long natural wooden branch. Each detail individually and all together gives a special mood and therefore complements every interior.

The hammock chair is a proud, luxurious, and relaxing product, in demand in today's market in Latvia and around the world. A hammock chair is a wonderful gift!

Are you looking for a stylish and exclusive way to relax in your lounge area? We offer you a hanging hammock chair - perfect, unique, tailored to your wishes and needs.

Hammock chairs

Fantastic and unique hammock chairs designed in Latvia, 100% handmade.


An excellent solution for everyday interiors and for hanging a hammock chair indoors, if it is not possible to attach the hook to the ceiling.


Give wonderful and unforgettable emotions yourself and your loved ones.

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